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Sensing the invisible

The Big Data & Business Analytics Group at Wayne State University is an initiative of the College of Engineering with a charter to assist enterprises in their big data adoption and value extraction challenges. 


The vision of the group is to be a premier center of innovation in big data science and business analytics with a strong focus on solving real-life business problems in active collaboration with regional industry while leveraging core strengths and research interests of our team.

Big data management and big data analytics require a slew of advanced concepts, tools, and technologies and a close collaboration among an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts. 

Our group has assembled a cross-departmental team of experts who have extensive experience in successfully delivering and leading a variety of big data and business analytics projects and initiatives across several industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and automotive, retail, and government.

Big data is the bridge to the next wave of innovation and growth. By combining data from multiple channels and sources and discovering patterns of interest, a business can realize operational efficiency and find new ways of growing business. Big data does have a transformative potential, as has been shown by many lead adopters, however, extracting value from big data is no ordinary task. Required skills are hard to come by and companies have to overcome entrenched cultural barriers for collaboration among silos. 

In addition to undertaking projects, Wayne State University is also currently planning a variety of customized training programs, certificate programs, and a fully online graduate degree in this space. Please contact us for more information.

Big data at Wayne State: Hear what industry leaders are saying!