Value management

A brief description of select ongoing or completed projects that focus on delivering business value from big data is provided below. If you need further information, please contact us.

Brand decision influence of social media

Given that the use of interactive social media sites has grown dramatically as these sites have incorporated and linked to active virtual communities, these social media sites are becoming increasingly important in customer relationship and brand management as a means to disseminate information regarding the organization’s products, brands, and services and to engage with current and potential customers. The research develops and tests a social media user behavior model that captures the relationships among social media interactivity factors, the user’s group identity and network leadership, social media belief and attitude, social media usage, and brand decision influence for three social media types.

Integrated model of online shopping behavior

This project focuses on the impact of satisfaction with e-retailers’ touch points on purchase behavior. The study develops and tests an integrated model of online shopping behavior. The model captures the moderating effect of product type on the relationships among the functional quality, the information quality, and the security of the e-shopping site, along with the satisfaction with the e-retailer’s two touchpoints (e-shopping site and social media sites), repurchase intention, and purchase.

Determinants of social media satisfaction and usage

This study focuses on understanding the determinants of social media satisfaction and usage. Social media sites are emerging as important communication channels used by organizations to reach individual users. With the dramatic increase in the usage of social media sites, the rapid expanse in the use of mobile media devices (e.g. smartphones and tablet computers), and the ubiquitous nature of the internet, investigating the information access method of users is imperative. This research develops and tests a conceptual model that captures the relationships among three perceived social media characteristics (information quality,responsiveness, and security), social media attitude, social media satisfaction, and social media usage.