Wayne State University – Admissions


  • Research Name Student Momentum Pathway - Admissions to Success
  • Client Wayne State University

Project overview

The goal of this project was to develop tools to aid decision makers and academic support staff at Wayne State University (WSU), with the primary objective to understand and identify individual or groups of students that require academic attention. The intent is to bring them on the path to success.

The team developed two tools, the first; a Visual Student Understand dashboard using Power BI as the analytics platform. It includes an Intake, Historical, and Insights dashboard that allows users to select, filter, aggregate, and visualize different student populations to understand and gain sights otherwise not possible with traditional Business Intelligence tools. The second method is a time series model using decision tree learning algorithm (Gradient Boost Machines) to predict the third term cumulative term GPA in a three term window, which is then used to compute academic trajectory and thus giving the ability to identify students that might need academic attention based on trend slope.

Student team

Dhruv Acharya, Gwendolyn Hickey, Jeremy Potts, Minh Ha and Poorva Divekar