Big Data & Business Analytics Symposium - March 26, 2014

Big Data and Business Analytics Symposium:
From Analytics to Action

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 |

    Wayne State University
McGregor Memorial Conference Center, 495 Ferry Mall, Detroit, MI 48202

Big Data is a key enabler for the next wave of innovation and growth across all sectors. By combining data from multiple sources and channels and discovering actionable patterns of interest, a business can seize new growth opportunities in addition to realizing incremental levels of operational efficiency.

Early adopters have demonstrated the transformative potential of Big Data, but extracting value from Big Data is no ordinary task. Big Data management and analytics require a slew of advanced concepts, tools, and technologies and the required skills are hard to come by.  Companies have to overcome entrenched cultural barriers and must foster close collaboration among an interdisciplinary team of experts.

Join us as we hear from leading experts who have put analytics to action and charted out a new course of competitive advantage and growth for their companies.

This symposium will focus on pragmatic issues faced while deploying Big Data strategies to drive business success. It will have special focus on managing and analyzing the data captured through marketing, product development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and service in a global setting.

Symposium attendees will gain keen insights and learn tips on identifying Big Data opportunities, developing business cases, and using analytics to drive business success. The symposium also seeks to provide a clear distinction between legacy analytics that are pervasive in industry and the emerging next generation tools, technologies, and processes that will form the foundation for a new wave of innovation and growth.

Symposium Overview

  • Keynote Address: ‘Enter the World of Smart Data’
  • Invited Talk: ‘Know your Data: Transform your Business’
  • Panel 1: ‘Got Dashboards: Now What?’
  • Panel 2: ‘Big Data & Privacy’
  • Panel 3: ‘You are not alone- Leveraging Big Data ecosystem’
  • Case Studies – 4 Case Studies in two parallel sessions
  • Tutorial 1: Introductory Tutorial on Big Data Management
  • Tutorial 2: Introductory Tutorial on Big Data Analytics
  • Solution Showcases: Demos, Poster Sessions

Who Should Attend?

  • C-Level IT Executives
  • IT, PD, MFG, Supply Chain, Marketing Directors
  • IT, PD, MFG, Supply Chain, Marketing Managers
  • IT Decision-Makers
  • Business Executives
  • Anybody interested in knowing more about Big Data & Analytics


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