2017 Symposium

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Day 1: March 23, 2017 - Student Center Building @ Wayne State University

All Day Research Poster Displays/Vendor Booths/Startup Showcase Booths/Networking  
8-9 a.m. Registration/Continental Breakfast

9-11:45 a.m.

Tutorial 1: Big Data Processing with HPCC Systems – Less Work with Less Code

Hilberry A

Bob Foreman, Senior Software Engineer and Trainer

foremanAttendees will be given an overview of an open source Big Data processing system (HPCC Systems) and will experience hands-on use of ECL's natural language parsing techniques on an HPCC Systems® cluster to extract entities from both semi- structured and free-form text data. The code elements and massively parallel processing principles involved in accomplishing these tasks will be thoroughly discussed.

This workshop requires the following: A laptop with a Windows OS or Windows VM. A VM Machine, preferably Oracle's open source virtual box, the latest HPCC VM downloaded and installed, and the latest ECL IDE installed. Attendees will take home sample training data and code on a thumb drive to be distributed. There will also be a Kindle Fire prize giveaway!


Tutorial 2: Modernizing Enterprise Analytics with Tableau

Hilberry B

Kevin Immink, Enterprise Sales Consultant

imminkAt Tableau we help people see and understand data. We are all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful, and most importantly – useful. Helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us.  During this hands-on course designed for the Big Data & Business Analytics Symposium, we will introduce you to Tableau and show you why we are different from other business intelligence solutions. As an attendee, you will leave this session able to connect to & explore your data and understand how to garner greater insight by visualizing your data. This class is a hands-on session; you will need to provide your own laptop that is able to connect to a wireless network provided. A link with instructions to download a 30-Day Trial of Tableau Desktop will be provided one week prior to the workshop.

12-1 p.m. Tutorial Luncheon

1-3 p.m.

Tutorial 3: Make Data Simple: IBM Watson Data Platform & Data Science Experience

Hilberry A

Chris Williams, North America Technical Sales Leader
Ryan Kather, Open Source Analytics Engineer
David West, Technical Specialist - Predictive Analytics

Chris WilliamsChris WilliamsChris Williams

Watson Data Platform: Enables data-driven professionals to work together in a simpler way to quickly find new and unexpected insights that deliver business-changing results. The integrated Watson Data Platform features embedded, cognitive-assisted machine learning. It provides user-specific tools and data and analytic services on the IBM Cloud. Data Science Experience: Solve your toughest data challenges with the best tools and the latest expertise in a social environment built by data scientists. PRESENTATION DOWNLOAD


Tutorial 4: Right Brain Networks - Developing a Successful Cloud Strategy

Hilberry B

Hemant Kishan, Chief Operating Officer

kishnaIn this workshop, we consider the essential elements of an effective cloud strategy -- looking at economics, agility, and the role of public cloud platforms in an overall enterprise IT strategy. This will include application portfolio assessment, how to get started with the Cloud, and how to maximize the value from your cloud initiatives.  Presentation

3-3:30 p.m. Coffee Break/Vendor Showcases/Networking hortonworks
3:30-4 p.m.

Welcome Remarks


Ratna Babu Chinnam, Director, Big Data & Business Analytics Group, Wayne State University

Keith Whitfield, Provost, Wayne State University

Jim Anderson, President and CEO, Urban Science - Presentation

4-5 p.m.

Keynote: New Frontiers in Data - From Aggregating the Hoards to Connecting the Dots


Philip Rathle, Vice President of Product, Neo4j

rathlePhilip is the Vice President of Product for Neo4j, the leading graph database and open source pioneer behind one of the fastest growing technology areas in data. He has spent the last 20+ years of working with data and databases, and has a passion for helping industry solve tomorrow's problems through innovative uses of technology and data.  Presentation

5-5:30 p.m. Break/Vendor Showcases/Networking centurylink
5:30-6:30 p.m.

Case Study Presentations



Health Care

Chairs: Philip Levy & Sidhartha Tan

Hilberry A


Business Analytics

Chair: Dennis Atkinson

Hilberry B

Business Analytics

Chair: Leslie Monplaisir

Hilberry C


Chair: Robert Reynolds

Hilberry D


"Diagnosis and Longitudinal Treatment Response"

Phillip Levy, Associate Chair for Research, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wayne State University



"Finding New Roads through Big Data Driven Insights"

Brett Vermette, Director, EDW and Big Data Infrastructure & Engineering, General Motors Corporation


"Manufacturing Use Case Leveraging Modern Day Analytics"

David Wysocki, Strategic Account Manager, Tableau



"Unlocking Insights from Commercial Insurance Documents: How to Free 100 million data points"

Jeff Mason, CEO, Ground Speed



"Prognosis and Real Time Analytics"

Sidhartha Tan, Division Director, Professor of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Michigan



"Franchise Analytics: Team Member Impact On Store Profitability"

Hank Benedetto, Manager, Strategic Analytics, Finance, Dominos, LLC



"Driving value from Big Data on AWS"

Mohan Jayaraman, CTO, Lochbridge


"Reducing Downtime in an automotive metal stamping plant"

Gerry Roston, CEO, Civionics




"NEMSIS is our nemesis, Prehospital data and population health"

Dr. Robert Dunne, Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine, St. John Hospiatl and Medical Center


St John Providence

"Big Data Analytics - The Power and the Myth"

Ansuman Bagchi, Director of Applied Mathematics and Modeling, Informatics IT, Merck & Co.


"Advancing EPM and BI with Big Data Analytics"

Moe Gohary, Founding Partner, Donyati and Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24


"Cars in the Cloud"

Mehdi Massoudi, Lead Architect, Bit Brew



6:30-8 p.m. Reception / Networking



Day 2: March 24, 2017 - Student Center Building @ Wayne State University

All Day Research Poster Displays/Vendor Booths/Startup Showcase Booths/Networking  
8-8:30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30-9:15 a.m.

Welcome Remarks


Patrick Gossman, Deputy CIO, Wayne State University

Farshad Fotouhi, Dean, College of Engineering, Wayne State University

Melissa Cragin, Executive Director, Midwest Big Data Hub, National Science Foundation

9:15-9:30 a.m.

SHOWCASE: Industry and University Collaboration in Action


Putting Business First - Introducing DIWO's Cognitive Way to Analytics

Satyendra Rana, Chief Technology Officer, Loven Systems

Ratna Babu Chinnam, Wayne State University

Loven Systems


9:30-10:30 a.m.

Panel Discussion: Getting your Organization's Big Data and Business Analytics Initiatives Right


MODERATOR: Ratna Babu Chinnam, Director, Big Data & Business Analytics Group, Wayne State University


  • Andrea Siudara, Functional CIO, Data and Analytics IT, Ford Motor Company
  • Brett Vermette, Director, EDW and Big Data infrastructure & Engineering, General Motors Corporation
  • Nick Curcuru, Vice President, Global Big Data Practice, Mastercard
  • Flavio Villanustre, Vice President, Technology, HPCC Systems - LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Krishna Kallakuri, Founder and CEO at DataFactZ
  • Mahesh Rajasekharan, Chief Executive Officer, Cleo







10:30-11:30 a.m. Break / Vendor Displays / Networking / Poster Session  


11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Case Study Presentations


Health Care

Chairs: Philip Levy & Sidhartha Tan

Room Hilberry A

Business Analytics

Chair: Dennis Atkinson

Room Hilberry B

Business Analytics

Chair: Leslie Monplaisir

Room Hilberry C


Chair: Robert Reynolds

Room Hilberry D


"Third Party Vendor Perspective on Harmonizing Data"

Dody Fisher, Chief Clinical Officer, Forward Health Group



"Optimize Marketing Communications with Big Data"

Shawn Taylor, Director, Advanced Analytics, AAA - The Auto Club Group




"Data in Motion"

Dmitry Baev, Director of Solutions Engineering, 




"Scalable Graph Applications with DataStax Enterprise Graph"

Artem Chebotko, Solutions Architect, DataStax





"Predictive Modeling and Renewal Analytics"

Fred Thompson, Senior Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


Blue Cross Blue Shield


"Datawarehouse Modernization and Migration to Cloud"

Krishna Kallakuri, CEO, DataFactZ



"The Enterprise Brain: Advanced Analytics"

Moe Gohary, Founding Partner, Donyati

Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24



"Data Warehousing and Beyond with AWS"

Milo Kock, Lead Software Engineer, Amazon





"Case Study of Data in Action"

Patrick Stevenson, Director, Information Technology, IHA

Marty Carmody, Account Executive, Microsoft Corporation






"Big Data and Pricing Analytics"

Daniel Reaume,  Advanced Analytics, Dow Chemical Company




"Rethinking analytics for a digital industry"

Varun Purohit, Senior Director and Om Soni, Director of Engineering, GE



"IBM Platforms for Healthcare & Life Sciences"

Janis Landry-Lane, Global Sales Executive, Healthcare / Life Sciences, IBM Systems



12:30-1:45 p.m. Lunch Break/Networking/Vendor Showcase

Hilberry Rooms


1:45-2:45 p.m.

Case Study Presentations


Health Care

Chairs: Philip Levy & Sidhartha Tan

Room Hilberry A

Business Analytics

Chair: Dennis Atkinson

Room Hilberry B

Privacy and Security

Chair: Leslie Monplaisir

Room Hilberry C


"Utilizing Big Data to Monitor for Patient Safety"

Paul Barach, Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of MI, Wayne State University


"When Big Data Ingestion Gets Complicated: Case studies in Global and Multi-Enterprise Ingestion"

John Thielens, Chief Technology Officer, Cleo



"Becoming Cyber Competitive"

James Felton Keith, Director, Cyberfense



"Mining and Learning in the Domain of Graphs and Time"

K.P. Unnikrishnan, Technical Lead, Machine Learning, Ford Motor Company



"Ford Mobility and Connect Vehicle Analytics"

Thomas Montgomery, Connected Vehicle Analytics Manager, Ford Motor Company


"Protecting your identity through a personal data exchange"

Cindy Warner, CEO, 360ofMe



"Patient Centric Care Paradigm - Role of Big Data"

Syed Hassan, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions, CenturyLink



"We Create Chemistry with Optimization"

Alex Marvin, Operations Research Senior Specialist, BASF Corporation



"Instilling Confidence and Trust"

Nick Curcuru, Vice President, Global Big Data Practice, Mastercard

Master Card

2:45-3:15 p.m. Coffee Break/Networking amazon_web
3:15-4:15 p.m.

Panel Discussion: Venture Capitalists and Start Ups


MODERATOR: Patrick Gossman, Deputy CIO, Wayne State University


  • Adrian Fortino, Partner, Mercury Fund
  • Alisyn Malek, Head of Innovation Pipeline - Strategy and Innovation, General Motors
  • Saurabh Sharma, Principal, Jump Capital 




4:15-5:15 p.m.

Keynote: Using Big Data to Derive Insights on Customers & Driving Change


djuricDan Djuric, Vice President, Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management, Dominos

Dan oversees Domino's enterprise data management, customer data warehouse, corporate data governance and business intelligence programs. He provides oversight, direction, long-range planning and vision for the company's evolving global information systems infrastructure and operations.

millerCliff Miller, Manager of Enterprise Information Management Data Integration Team, Dominos

Cliff leading the data integration development and support areas of the enterprise information management teamat Domino's, including system integration to satellite data marts. He designs large-scale data processing platforms that handle multiple data domains, serving a wide array of mission critical applications.


5:15-5:30 p.m. Awards Presentation


5:30-8:00 p.m. Reception and Networking



Keynote Speakers

Dan Djuric
Vice President - Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management, Dominos

As Vice President of Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management, Dan's current responsibilities include, Overseeing Domino's Enterprise Data Management. Customer Data Warehouse, Corporate Data Governance and Business Intelligence programs. He provides oversight, direction, long-range planning and vision for the company's evolving global information systems infrastructure and operations. He is developing technology roadmaps and building and strategic planning. As a technologist that has grown into a business leader, Dan has an exceptional ability to creatively deliver unique solutions leveraging his extensive background in Big Data and Infrastructure Architecture.  Within his experience Dan has successfully delivered many projects ranging from a few hundred hours to over 100,000 hours and ranging from custom software development., enterprise Data warehouse solutions and massive data center migrations. As a Detroit native, Dan has spent the majority of his 20-year professional career focused in the automotive industry, including roles in systems integration, systems design, and technical project delivery.  Prior to Domino's he worked for Acxiom Corporation, R.L Polk, Covisint, and AAA Michigan.

Cliff Miller
Manager of Enterprise Information Management Data Integration Team, Dominos

As Manager of the Enterprise Information Management Data Integration team, Cliff's current responsibilities include, Leading the Data Integration development and support areas of the Enterprise Information Management team, including system integration to satellite data marts. He designs large-scale data processing platforms that handle multiple data domains, serving a wide array of mission critical applications. He guides project and operations teams to deliver on enterprise level initiatives. As a business analyst that evolved into a technology leader, Cliff has demonstrated the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions in large scale enterprise environments, whether it be application based platforms that serve multiple business lines or data centric analytical platforms with a wide variety of data subject areas. His experience has led Cliff to work on a broad spectrum of projects that encompass small groups in very targeted durations to multi-year strategic endeavors with very large teams. Cliff grew up in the Ann Arbor area, and has spent the bulk of his 20+ year professional career focused in the retail industry, including roles in application development, systems design, and technical project delivery. Prior to Domino's Pizza he worked for Borders Group Inc. and TCF National Bank.

Philip Rathle
Vice President of Product, Neo4j

Philip is VP of Product for Neo4j, the leading graph database and open source pioneer behind one of the fastest growing technology areas in data. He has spent the last 20+ years of working with data and databases, and has a passion for helping industry solve tomorrow's problems through innovative uses of technology and data. Previously he headed up product management for database and application delivery products at Embarcadero Technologies, the company behind tools such as ER/Studio and DBArtisan, where he helped to create the next generation of data modeling, database change management, and data governance products. Philip is a contributor to the book Graph Databases, published by O'Reilly Media, and frequently speaks and writes about the technologies, tools, and techniques that can be used to derive value from data. He has spent the last five years advancing the state of the art in graph databases, helping bring the technology to a point where it is now becoming indispensable for a variety of key use cases and as the basis for tomorrow's connected enterprise.


Check out some more of our 2017 Speakers: 


Dmitry Baev
Director of Solutions Engineering, Hortonworks

Dmitry Baev is currently working as a Director of Solutions Engineering at Hortonworks. With 10+ years of experience leading technical sales engagements in Financial, Insurance and Telecom sectors, Dmitry is responsible for advising key large enterprise customers on Hadoop and Big Data technologies, architectural patterns, deployment best practices and operational decisions.


Dr. Ansuman Bagchi
Director of Applied Mathematics and Modeling, Informatics IT, Merck & Co.

Ansu Bagchi leads the US Data Sciences,  and Applied Mathematics & Modeling groups at Merck. After earning his PhD in Operations Research at Rutgers Center for Operations Research, he was a mathematical sciences faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. For the last 18 years at Merck Ansu has used applied mathematical techniques to aid decision making for research and development (e.g., lead identification/optimization), manufacturing (process innovation/optimization), human health (market access, patient benefits), and various corporate business processes. 


Dr. Paul Barach
Senior Medical Director, Advisory Board Company

Dr Paul Barach is Clinical Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and Senior Medical Director at the Advisory Board Company and President of J Bara Innovation. He possesses extensive health care experience as a clinician, administrator, consultant and policy advocate with 20 years of clinical and administrative experience in academic medical centers and integrated delivery systems. He is a leading health services researcher and consultant with a reputation for investigating and contributing to systems improvement, population risk assessment and stratification and patient safety. He is an internationally known author and speaker specializing in strategic management: linking clinical programs to advance population health; Care coordination and management; physician leadership & engagement; applying health information technology to care delivery; building effective teams; leadership development; perioperative care and anesthesiology; and supporting and creating new ventures whether independently or as part of an organization. 

Hank Benedetto
Manager, Strategic Analytics, Finance, Dominos, LLC

A leader in the development and implementation of advanced algorithms to solve business problems. Hank has a BSE and MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering from University of Michigan.  He has programmed and developed algorithms within the defense, healthcare, and retail industries. At Domino's, Hank has worked within the IT and Finance departments leading a team of data sientists that support the various business units, store development, store operations, supply chain, human resources, and marketing.  His team utilizes a variety of data analysis tools and techniques including time series, regression, spatial analysis, and simulation.

Dr. Artem Chebotko
Solutions Architect, DataStax

Dr. Artem Chebotko is a Solutions Architect at DataStax. His core expertise is in data modeling, data management, data mining, and data analytics. For over 10 years, he has been leading and participating in research and development projects on NoSQL, Graph, XML, Relational, and Provenance databases. His current focus is on big data technologies, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache TinkerPop, and a number of other technologies integrated in DataStax Enterprise. He is the primary investigator and author of the Big Data Modeling Methodology for Apache Cassandra, and the inventor of Chebotko Diagrams used for visual representation of Cassandra logical and physical data models. He authored over 50 research and technical papers and is an educator with extensive experience in both industry and academic training. He received Ph.D. in Computer Science from Wayne State University in 2008 and M.S. in Management Information Systems from Ukraine State Maritime Technical University in 2003.

Dr. Melissa Cragin
Executive Director, Midwest Big Data Hub, National Science Foundation

Melissa Cragin is Executive Director of the Midwest Big Data Hub, based in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Prior to joining NCSA, Melissa spent four years in the Office of the Assistant Director, Directorate of Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation (NSF), serving first as an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow and most recently as Staff Associate, where she guided the development of data policy and accelerated community engagement on research data management and public access. Previous to her work with the federal government, Melissa was on the faculty of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois, where she led the Data Curation Education Program and conducted research in the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship. She has a PhD from UIUC, an MLIS from Rutgers University, and an M.Ed. from Rhode Island College.

Nick Curcuru
Vice President - Global Big Data Practice, Mastercard

Nick Curcuru has over 20 years of experience implementing and managing large scale advanced analytics projects across the world for companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Capital One, The Home Depot, Burlington Northern Railroad, Merrill Lynch and The General Electric Company.  He helps drive strategic decisions throug hthe use of data and analytics.  In his role at MasterCard Advisors, Nick works with executives on their big data strategy to unlock and monetize the value of the organizations' structured and unstructured data assets. He leads large scale advanced analytics initiatives using a variety of technology including open source solutions like Hadoop to drive customer and operational insights. Nick helps architect big data solutions addressing the people, processes and technology needed to enable data driven insights and fact based decisions. Additionally, he provides thought leadership on the value of big data to companies. Nick is a trusted thought leader, frequently speaking at conferences, publishing articles and conducting learning programs on advanced analytics.

Subu Desaraju
Executive Vice President - Performance Marketing, MRM-McCann

Subu Desaraju is a seasoned digital marketing leader with over 20 years of industry experience at leading agencies and strategy consulting firms. Through his career he has worked with Fortune 100 firms at the intersection of business strategy, analytics and marketing technology. Subu's expertise resides in developing transformational marketing initiatives enabled by data driven insights and delivered through marketing platform innovation. His experience spans digital performance marketing, CRM, e-Commerce and emerging media. Subu has delivered differentiated and results oriented marketing solutions powered by data for clients across automotive, financial services, media, telecommunications and travel. Subu currently heads the mid-west Performance Marketing and Analytics practice at MRM//McCann. He holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business, New York University and a prior Masters/B.E in Computer & Information Science.

Sean Donaldson
Chief Technology Officer, Secure-24

Sean Donaldson is the Chief Technology Officer at Secure-24. With over 15 years of experience in information technology, Sean has extensive expertise in data center infrastructure, network design and virtualization technology. A regular presenter at industry trade shows and conferences, Sean is a recognized innovator in forward thinking IT solutions. Sean has been instrumental in the design and build of Secure-24's data centers and expansion planning, as well as the architecture, design, and implementation of Secure-24's enterprise cloud solutions.  He brings expertise in Oracle PCA, SAP HANA, Juniper, VMware, Cisco, storage and backup solutions, and data center architecture.

Dr. Robert B. Dunne, MD
Vice Chief of Emergency Medicine, St. John Hospital and Medical Center - Detroit

Robert Dunne was born in Rochester NY, completed high school there and moved to Michigan, graduating from the University of Michigan's Inteflex program (a combined BS/ MD program). He completed emergency medicine residency training at Henry Ford Hospital In Detroit, MI where he was chief resident. He has served as EMS coordinator, associate program director and research director. He is currently the vice chief of emergency medicine and St John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit. Currently is the medical director for the Detroit Fire Department and serves as medical director for the Wayne County Sheriff Tactical team and is a special deputy sheriff. Robert Dunne is a supervisory medical officer on MI-1 Disaster Medical Assistance team, a federal medical team. He has been deployed for many event from 1997 to the present, including Katrina, the World Trade Center response, Haiti earthquake and many special events. He is the medical director pf the Detroit East Medical Control Authority for the eastern half of Wayne County. He is active in state and national committees and is committed to improving EMS care.

Dr. Dody Fisher
Chief Clinical Officer, Forward Health Group

Dorothy (Dody) Fisher, MD, believes that we need happy docs. She believes that physicians need help maintaining their deep sense of mission, they need help delivering one-on-one care in this new era of population health management. That is her mission at Forward Health Group. Most recently, she was Medical Director for the Sentara Quality Care Network (VA). After completing her medical school and training as an internal medicine physician in Vermont, she went on to complete a Masters of Geriatric Health Management. Her various professional roles included office-based general medicine, hospitalist care, home care and then work with the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, called PACE, an approved Medicare and Medicaid supported program designed to address the complex medical problems of older people. After training and working in Vermont, Fisher worked for Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania in both the clinical enterprise and the health plan. She most recently served as the Chief Medical Officer for a Medicare Advantage only health plan.

Bob Foreman
Senior Software Engineer & Trainer, HPCC Systems - Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions

Bob Foreman has worked with the HPCC Systems technology platform and the ECL programming language for over 5 years, and has been a technical trainer for over 25 years. He is the developer and designer of the HPCC Systems Online Training Courses, and is the Senior Instructor for all classroom and Webex/Lync based training. This includes: Introduction to ECL - Concepts and Queries, Introduction to THOR - the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Process, Advanced ECL - Working with Relational Data, Advanced THOR - Super files, Working with XML, and Free-form Text Parsing, Introduction to ROXIE - Indexes and Queries, Advanced ROXIE - Complex Query Development, and Applied ECL – ECL Code Generation Tools.

Adrian Fortino
Partner, Mercury Fund

Adrian Fortino is a Partner at Mercury, where he leads Mercury's Midwest office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and focuses on investments in enterprise SaaS, intelligent manufacturing and industrial IoT. Adrian currently serves on the boards of Mercury portfolio companies Ambiq Micro (observer), Benson Hill (observer), Deepfield, LISNR (observer), and Sight Machine. Adrian's previous investments at Mercury have included Meshify (acq. by HSB Group). Prior to joining Mercury, Adrian was the Managing Director of Detroit Innovate, a seed stage investment fund targeting seed investments in enabling technologies in healthcare, transportation and industrial applications. During this time, Adrian was also the Managing Director of the First Step Fund, a micro-investment, industry agnostic fund focused on seed-stage companies in Southeast Michigan. Prior to Detroit Innovate and the First Step Fund, Adrian co-founded three software companies: Sidecar (acq. by GM), ShepherdIS, and FlockTAG. Prior to founding startup companies, Adrian was the Manager of Powertrain Development with Ricardo, a global engineering consultancy focusing on the automotive, cleantech, military and industrial sectors.


Moe Gohary
Founding Partner and CEO, Donyati

Moe is the founder and managing partner of Donyati, an industry leading Analytics, Big Data and Enterprise Performance Management advisory partner. Moe has 20 years of experience focusing on enabling global complex enterprises extract the most value from their many data sources by implementing innovative and industry leading solutions that combine technical excellence and advanced strategy. Moe has focused his career on creating value for the Enterprise and aligning technology with business strategic objectives. Moe's prior career as a global leader at PwC, KPMG/BearingPoint, Xerox, GM and ACS has contributed to today's leading practices and methodologies for Analytic tool implementations adopted by many of the Fortune 500 companies. Moe's passion is to continue evolving and innovating in the intersection of Big Data and structured Data, he leads a specialized data scientists and business intelligence think-tank aiming to advance the enterprise financial analytics by infusing AI, Machine Learning and social media vectors.

Dr. Syed Hassan
Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions, CenturyLink

Syed has a degree in medicine (MBBS – Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan) and a Masters in Software Sciences (MSS – University of St. Thomas, St. Paul MN) and has been associated with Healthcare and Technology for over 25 years. In his current role with CenturyLink he focused on advanced analytical and data sciences solutions and architecture for healthcare and beyond. He has also worked at various other fortune organizations including AIG, United Health (Optum), Target Corporation and Thomson Reuters.

Kevin Immink
Enterprise Sales Consultant, Tableau

Kevin is an Enterprise Sales Consultant at Tableau and the technical lead for enterprise accounts in Michigan. He joined Tableau in early 2014. Kevin has a Masters in Computer Information Systems Management from Ferris State University and in addition to working in various roles in the high tech industries Kevin also managed the business intelligence at John Deere for the JD Landscape division. In his spare time Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife riding their SxS and camping.

Mohan Jayaraman
Senior Principal Consultant, Lochbridge

Mohan has a strong architecture and delivery record in the space of Connected Car.  He leads the Lochbridge's solution offerings in the space of Big Data Analytics.  In his role, Mohan drives the strategy and implementation of Lochbridge's offering - Data-Analytics-As-A-Service.  Mohan has over 16 years of experience in defining IT strategy and delivering solutions; with over a decade of experience architecting enterprise solutions.  His recent accomplishments include launching 4G LTE and predictive analytics based Vehicle maintenance alerts for a major OEM.

Krishna Kallakuri
Chief Executive Officer, DataFactZ

Krishna Kallakuri is a founding member of DataFactZ. He has a passion for technology and a strong sense for business. These skills have allowed him to create one of the fastest growing analytics companies in the Midwest. He is responsible for long-term growth strategy, overall management and operations. He has a drive for delivering unique business solutions that leverage a global delivery model. He brings more than 15 years of expertise in the IT industry, as well as, senior management experience. Prior to DataFactZ, he worked as technical consultant and was responsible for the design and implementation of several data-centric solutions to several Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Kallakuri holds a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering from Bangalore University, India.

Ryan Kather
Engineer, Analytics Group, IBM

Ryan Kather, a southeast Michigan based Engineer with IBM, has been involved in the open source community for 15 years as a contributing developer.  A member of IBM's Analytics group, Ryan helps to bring the strengths of the best ideas in open source to help clients solve their big data, analytic, and data science questions and challenges.  Ryan's skill-set includes Spark, R, Python, Hadoop, and many other open source solutions.

James Felton Keith
Director, Cyberfense

James Felton Keith is an award winning engineer, economist, and ethnographer who defined Personal Data. Via the Keith Institute, he's incubated the Personal Data Trade Association & Personal Data Week. He is building a global ecosystem of cyber insurance and defense technology via Cyberfense. A Co-Founder of Accrue Inc, the IBM Watson backed FinTech (financial technology) firm, and Slay. the Queer TV Network, he specializes in the ethnography of technology and economic inclusion. Formerly CEO of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and a Mayoral Technology Appointee in Detroit, JFK currently contributes to boards at oSTEM, Lifeboat Foundation, Harlem Center, and the Democratic National Committee. He is most recently honored as one of the United Kingdom Technology & Investment FinTech Delegation, and an IBM Global Entrepreneur.

Hemant Kishan
Chief Operating Officer, RightBrain Networks

Hemant Kishan is currently VP of Client Engagement and Chief Operating Officer at RightBrain Networks based out of Ann Arbor, MI. At RightBrain Networks, Mr. Kishan is responsible for advising clients on how to drive agility and efficiency in IT using public cloud platforms. Prior to RightBrain Networks, Mr. Kishan was an executive in the Information Technology division of General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, where he was Director IT responsible for Enterprise Strategy, Emerging Technology, and IT Benchmarking. Mr. Kishan completed his Engineering degree from Norwich University, Vermont, US. He also holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, where he wrote his thesis on Authentication and Security in Distributed Systems in 1990. He holds several academic distinctions including appointment as Norwich University Presidential Fellow, Vermont State Student Engineer of the Year and Tau Beta Pi National Fellowship Award.

Milo Kock
Lead Software Engineer, Amazon

Milo Kock is a Lead Software Engineer for the Big Data Analytics team at the Amazon Detroit office. His expertise is in building and maintaining a big data processing platform to enable discovery, analytics, and reporting for Software Engineers, Data Engineers and Data Scientists across Amazon. He works in the trenches every day with Elastic MapReduce, Simple Workflow Service, EC2, Dynamo DB, Elastic Search, Apache Spark, Apache Hive and other core Amazon and external technologies to maintain and innovate on one of the largest data warehousing platforms in the world, regularly crunching petabytes of information to enable data insights across Amazon. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

Janis Landry-Lane
Global Program Director, IBM

Janis Landry-Lane, World-wide Program Director, IBM Systems Division, leads a team of Subject Matter Experts in Genomic Medicine.   With both PhDs and MD/PhDs, the team is valued for their understanding of customer requirements.  Leading efforts with customers, the team brings knowledge and experience in building comprehensive solutions that encompass the many aspects of Genomic Medicine.  Janis works, as well, with IBM partners to optimize and enable their software as part of an overall deliverable, and she has worked with customers world-wide to build extensible environments using IBM's Best Practices.  In this role, she is the Senior Executive who builds strategy, working across IBM's divisions with engagements in both the academic and commercial life sciences accounts. She has held this position for over 4 years and reports to the IBM World-wide Vice President. Janis has had various roles at IBM, including a leadership role with World-wide High Performance Computing.  She has worked for IBM for 38 years.

Dr. Phillip Levy
Associate Chair for Research, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wayne State University

Phillip D. Levy, M.D., M.P.H. is a Professor at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Heart Association. He serves as a reviewer for the NIH CHAS study section, a member of the Grants Advisory Panel for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation and a member of the Scientific Review Committee for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Levy is a recognized expert in cardiovascular research and has served on the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's Working Group on Management of Acute Heart Failure in the Emergency Department: Research Challenges and was as a member of the American Heart Association Scientific Statement Writing Group on Acute Heart Failure Syndromes - Emergency Department Presentation, Treatment and Disposition. Dr. Levy's research interests center on heart failure and hypertension with a dual focus on acute management and early disease detection.

Alisyn Malek
Head of Innovation Pipeline - Strategy and Innovation, General Motors

Alisyn Malek is the head of innovation pipleline for General Motors' strategic innovation organization. In this role she leverages her previous experience in product development and corporate venture to find new opportunities to unlock value and find revenue outside of the core business. A significant portion of her work revolves around how data, and the insights therefrom, can help to support this transformation.

Dr. Alex Marvin
Operations Research Senior Specialist, BASF Corporation

Alex Marvin is a leading mathematical optimization expert at BASF Corporation. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, where his thesis focused on biofuel supply chain optimization. He joined BASF in 2013 and has applied advanced prescriptive analytics (e.g. mixed integer linear programming, modelbased experimental design and nonlinear dynamics) to solve real business problems. In his present role in the Advanced Business Analytics group, he creates and deploys webbased apps in a modern framework for optimal production planning.

Jeff Mason
Chief Executive Officer, Groundspeed

Jeff Mason is the founder and CEO of Groundspeed Analytics, Inc. Groundspeed is a venture-backed insurance technology startup located in Ann Arbor. Jeff spent the last 15 years in the commercial insurance industry, most recently as the founder and CEO of QA Reader. Jeff will be speaking on the power of machine learning and natural language processing to unlock the power of commercial insurance data. Jeff holds an MBA with high distinction from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Thomas Montgomery
Connected Vehicle Analytics Manager, Ford Motor Company

Tom is Manager of Connected Vehicle Analytics at Ford Motor Company.  He leads a team in Ford's Global Data Insight and Analytics (GDIA) division that applies big data techniques to on-road vehicle data.  He specialized in Distributed Artificial Intelligence at the University of Michigan, and was awarded a B.S. degree in Physics, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering.  A 24 year veteran of Ford, he spent much of his career applying text mining to a variety of sources including warranty claims, call center reports, surveys, social media, and patents.  More recently, he has worked in Ford's Smart Mobility arena, managing a suite of mobility experiments, and then leading analytics development that leverages data from connected vehicles to improve Ford's products and services.

Varun Purohit
Senior Director, Data & Analytics, GE

Varun is a Digital technology Leadership program graduate in GE supporting a key financial data lake platform, aiming to enable GE's finance function to work digitally.

Dr. Mahesh Rajasekharan
Chief Executive Officer, Cleo

Mahesh Rajasekharan has more than 18 years of experience as a senior software executive in sales and marketing, operations, business strategy, supply chain management, SaaS, enterprise software, consulting services, private equity, acquisition integration, and P&L. Mahesh currently serves as the CEO of Cleo, where he has led tremendous expansion, thought leadership, and customer service excellence.  He is considered an industry expert in global supply chain management. Mahesh has authored several industry and academic publications in the areas of supply chain and operations management, and has spoken at numerous industry conferences. Mahesh earned a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University, and he has an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University and a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, India. Mahesh also earned an MBA in Finance, Strategy, and Marketing from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, where he graduated No. 1 in his class.

Satyendra Rana
Chief Technology Officer, Loven Systems

A perpetual innovator and entrepreneur in his vocation, Satyendra Rana is an unapologetic challenger of status quo. Loven Systems is his latest act of that spirit, where he is leading the research and development of a big data science platform, called DIWO™(Data In Wisdom Out), inspired by systems thinking approach and cognitive science. In his exciting professional journey spanning over 35 years, Dr. Rana has built and sold companies in emerging technologies, held senior and executive leadership positions in various companies, won prestigious industry awards, served on the boards of startups, and has mentored many professionals. Dr. Rana holds a Doctorate Degree in Distributed Computing from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India where he was also a faculty member for over 4 years before migrating to USA.

Dr. Daniel Reaume
Advanced Analytics, Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Reaume is in Advanced Analytics for the Dow Chemical Company. In this role, he helps drive the corporation's advanced analytics strategy and the implementation of advanced analytics initiatives. Current efforts include projects in the sales, marketing, risk management, compliance, and supply chain areas, with a focus on Big Data. Prior to joining Dow Corning, Dr. Reaume spent 18 years with General Motors, where he was honored three times with GM's highest award for technical accomplishment for his work improving profits by several billion dollars. Most recently, he led GM's Senior Leadership Technical Council charged with driving innovation in the corporation. Dr. Reaume earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan's Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering where he was a Rackham fellow and NSERC 1967 fellow.  He also holds graduate degrees in law and management and is a licensed professional engineer and attorney.

Gerry Roston
CEO, Civionics, Inc.

Gerry Roston serves as the CEO of Civionics, a University of Michigan startup that delivers intelligent sensor-based systems to manufacturers to help them minimize unplanned downtime; and as an Executive-in-Residence at TechTown Detroit, where he helps entrepreneurs transition their ideas into sustainable businesses. Gerry My experiences range from the development of microscopic biological sensors to the development of extraterrestrial robots to the redesign of diesel-electric locomotives.


Saurabh Sharma
Principal, Jump Capital

Saurabh is a Principal at Jump Capital and leads firms' investing efforts in Enterprise Infrastructure, Analytics and Data Platforms. Saurabh has a diverse background in investing, operations & engineering. Prior to joining Jump, Saurabh led various roles at Groupon in product, marketing & operations. Previously, he was an early stage investor at Lightbank, an Investment Banker with Barclays Capital and an algo trader with Lehman Brothers. Saurabh began his career as a High Performance Computing researcher at French National Research Institute, and had entrepreneurial stints as a founding member of Benchprep (a venture-backed digital learning platform) and as a co-founder of a clean-tech startup. Saurabh holds a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Chicago Booth.


Havagi Sidram
Vice President of Solution Architecture, Donyati

Havagi Sidram is Vice President of Solution Architecture at Donyati. With over 14 years of experience, Havagi leads operations and delivery of Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting solutions focusing on Oracle, Anaplan, Cognos, Tableau and OneStream technologies for global Fortune 500 companies. He has proven track record in the marketplace for complete life cycle implementation and hands on experience including strategy, assessment, architecture, design, development, testing, training, optimization, installation/upgrade, automation & support of EPM & BI engagements across multiple industries, technologies and releases. Havagi's solutions are tailored and aligned with customer's analytics vision and roadmap delivering insights, unlocking value, increasing user adoption and maximizing return on investment.

Andrea Siudara
Functional CIO, Data and Analytics IT, Ford Motor Company

Veteran IT business executive dedicated to improving information technology and processes on a global level. Andrea subscribes to a 'creative destruction' innovation philosophy yielding revolutionary products and services at large corporations in manufacturing and IT industries. She has a business background rooted in cost reduction, improving efficiencies, managing cross-functional teams, administrating multi-million dollar budgets, and creating solutions to legacy-based constraints. Her diverse work experience within manufacturing realm, from factory floors to software applications, allows holistic perspective and business savvy. She inspires high functioning teams with demanding yet fair management policies.

Om Soni
Director, Software Engineering, GE

Om is an IT thought leader with a startup spirit. He has expertise in creating software-as-a-service products.  He also leads key data & analytics platform for the Industrial Internet of Things in GE.

Patrick Stevenson
Director, Information Technology, IHA

Patrick has more than 14 years of healthcare IT experience and had held director level roles for the last 7 years. His experience includes academic group practices, a hospital integrated healthcare system and most recently, a large primary care physician group. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas where double majored in computer science and software engineering. His technical background is robust and encompasses all of today's major programming languages, operating systems and software applications – including extensive work with SQL and Electronic Medical Record Systems. Some of the duties Patrick performs include overseeing the day-to-day functions of the IT department to ensure maximum team performance, along with executing both short- and long-term goals on behalf of the IHA.

Dr. Sidhartha Tan
Division Director, Professor of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Michigan

Dr. Tan is the Division Director, Professor Pediatrics at the Detroit Medical Center's Children's Hospiatl of Michigan.  He is a certified American Board of Pediatrics and American Board of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. He had a Fellowship in Neonatology  at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami and did his Residency at Wyler Children's Hospital at University of Chicago.  His clinical and research interest are Cerebral Palsy and Ischemic Hypoxic Injury.

Shawn Taylor
Director - Advanced Analytics, AAA - The Auto Club Group

Shawn is the Director of Advanced Analytics for The Auto Club Group where he is responsible for the Data Science, Marketing Analytics and Marketing Research functions at ACG. In this role, he helps drive Advanced Analytics strategy and execution. Shawn is especially passionate about integrating these functions to provide a more comprehensive view of the customer spanning across ACG's insurance, financial services, membership and travel lines of business. His current initiatives include a needs-based segmentation strategy, 'Next Best Communication" modeling, and acquisition and retention models. Prior to ACG, Shawn was the Director of Research and Marketing at Valid Results, Inc., a consulting company focused on the medical device, pharmaceutical and education industries. There he led research initiatives for R&D/concept testing, Product Development, Sales and Strategic Pricing. Shawn holds a B.S degree from the University of South Florida, where he studied marketing and economics.

Dr. John Thielens
Chief Technology Officer, Cleo

John is responsible for crafting technology strategy, innovation, and architecting enterprise integration solutions to solve complex requirements in multi-enterprise, cloud, collaboration, mobile, and other integration challenges. John has over 30 years of experience in the software industry. Most recently, he held the position of Chief Architect, Product Suite, and CSO with Axway. In prior roles, he served as a senior technology leader in GXS, Inovis, Tumbleweed, and other software technology companies. John holds a Mathematics degree from Harvard University.

Fred Thompson
Senior Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

A long-term Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan employee, Fred Thompson helped steer the Blues through many significant changes in the competitive market place and health care reform. He is one of the first leaders to advocate the creation of an analytical area within the Blues. Under his leadership, the Blues has created a suite of analytical tools that are used in pricing and helping the company understanding its members better. He is constantly in search of advanced analytical tools and algorithms, and promotes best practices pertaining to data mining and data science techniques. Fred has a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from Alma College and continues his pursuit of higher learning on a daily basis.

Dr. K.P. Unnikrishnan
Technical Lead - Machine Learning, Ford Motor Company

Unni is a Technical Lead in Machine Learning at Ford Motor Company's Global Data Insight and Analytics (GDIA) division. He applies big data techniques to Enterprise Risk Management. He stared out as a Physicist trying to understand how the brain works and then switched to Neural Networks, while at AT&T Bell Labs. He then joined the Computer Science Department at GM Research and remained with GM for 20 years. After an eight-year stint in applying big data analytics in Medicine and Healthcare, he is back in Automotive and Mobility. He has had academic appointments at the University of Michigan, Caltech, Wayne State, and the Indian Institute of Science. He has published widely in the areas of Neural Computation, Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems.


Raj Varakala
Big Data Analytics Scientist, Donyati

Raj Varakala is a Big Data Analytics Scientist at Donyati, where he is currently leading the various data integration projects. Raj has experience in implementing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Business Intelligence (BI), Extract-Transform-Load (ETL/ELT) and Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) projects under agile methodology focusing on analysis, design, development, testing and documentation of business applications. He is responsible for supporting business reporting teams through understanding the business domain, and then enabling the end users to get their desired data from a warehouse/multidimensional cubes. In addition, Raj performed analysis to help clients gain insights into their KPIs through analysis of campaign data, transactional data, and customer and product data.

Brett Vermette
Director - EDW and Big Data infrastructure & Engineering, General Motors Corporation

Brett is currently a director in the General Motors Information Technology organization responsible for architecture, technical infrastructure and product development solution delivery. In this role he is responsible for technical innovation through provision of strategic planning, and technical leadership related to platform selection, development, architecture, engineering and deployment across the GM data warehouse product ecosystem. Since rejoining General Motors in 2007, Brett has held several positions of increasing technical and managerial responsibility including leadership of the GM enterprise architecture team, chief architect for global purchasing and supply chain and director of enterprise data management. Prior to 2007 Brett held senior technical and managerial roles with Delphi Corporation, Electronic Data Systems and GM of Canada. Brett has a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Windsor and an M.S. in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University

Flavio Villanustre
Vice President - Technology, HPCC Systems - LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Flavio Villanustre leads HPCC Systems. In this position, Flavio is responsible for Information and Physical Security, overall infrastructure strategy and new product development. Prior to 2001, Dr. Villanustre served in different companies in a variety of roles in infrastructure, information security and information technology. In addition, Dr. Villanustre has been involved with the open source community for over 15 years through multiple initiatives. Some of these include founding the first Linux User Group in Buenos Aires (BALUG) in 1994, releasing several pieces of software under different open source licenses, and evangelizing open source to different audiences through conferences, training and education. Prior to his technology career, Dr. Villanustre was a neurosurgeon.

Cindy Warner
Founder/CEO, 360ofMe

Cindy is one of those all too rare individuals that started her career as a technologist and evolved it into a sought after strategist, all while retaining her technology chops, still able to code to this day. She started her career as a developer, moving onward to a process analyst, business analyst then strategist. On that path, she became known as one of the best technology enterprise architects for Global 1000 companies, due to her ability to match enabling technologies to the thorniest of business problems, beginning with design, and moving all the way through development and execution. From a business perspective, Cindy began her career in the back office, developing distribution systems, then moved into the front office, working on customer facing solutions for the past 18 years. She is a subject matter expert in the area of helping organizations connect with their markets more effectively and efficiently. Through the years Cindy has been blessed to work for some of the greatest brands in the world including FEDEX, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, PwC and IBM. Each time she has come to these companies to build something.

David West
Data Scientist, IBM

David West is a data scientist with three decades of experience applying analytics to solve business problems. He works with IBM's Public Sector and Healthcare customers in the Eastern half of the US evangelizing SPSS and Data Science Experience products.   He has built thousands of models including models that predict employee attrition, disease onset and progression, inmate violence,  and patient no-shows. He comes to IBM from SAS Institute where he spent 14 years in two separate tours of duty. During which time he led the Insurance practice at the research and advisory firm, TowerGroup and was Sr VP Marketing for Valen Analytics. Prior to SAS, he spent 13 years at the Prudential. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife, Christy, and their 6-year-old twins, Ryan and Hannah.

Chris Williams
North American Leader Open Source Analytics, IBM

Chris Williams is the North American leader for Open Source Analytics covering Healthcare, Life Sciences, Government and Education. He has an extensive background in Data Analysis and Governance and has extensive experience in enhanced intelligence systems and business process management. He is an avid mountain biker and skier and resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

David Wysocki
Strategic Account Manager, Tableau

David is a Strategic Account Manager at Tableau Software where he is responsible for helping companies in Michigan see and understand their data. He has more than 25 years of experience in software, hardware and professional services, in Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Analytics. He has helped large customers identify millions of dollars in revenue opportunities and cost savings, and believes in challenging conventional norms to achieve breakthrough results.